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A company with a business structure may derive a number of benefits from the dissolution of its LLP. To close a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Partnership Agreement: Review the LLP’s partnership agreement to understand the provisions regarding dissolution and winding up. It may specify the required majority vote or procedure for closing the LLP.
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  • The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) may request closure from the Registrar as well as removal of its name from the Register of LLPs if it has not been operating since incorporation or has stopped operating for a period of one year or more. The LLP should be closed if it has become inactive rather than complying with all requirements and paying a fine or penalty if it has become inactive.
  • If your company follows the LLP model, there are a few important lessons that apply to the entire company. The purpose of a closing, aside from the official creation of a new company, is to do away with the need for any paperwork or transactions between your business and your shareholders. This procedure, which is frequently referred to as a “closing,” aims to erase any distinctions between the two entities currently in existence. The ultimate objective is to get rid of any obstacles that may have previously prevented the expansion of your company.

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