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Why Trademark Search?

The Indian Trademark Registry database is used to do a public trademark search. The search determines if a proposed trademark can be used with certain goods or services. In a trademark search India, comparable word marks and phonetically similar names in a certain class can be extensively investigated. Trademark searching is an essential first step in any trademark registration or brand launch strategy because it helps companies avoid adopting trademarks that infringe on the rights of third parties.
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  • Trademark searches are any actions made to determine whether or not a trademark is being utilized in commerce. Trademark searches can be modest in scope or broad enough to include results from every avenue for trademark protection for any mark that is even somewhat comparable to the mark under consideration.
  • The Trade Marks Registry was founded in India in 1940, and it now controls the Trade Marks Act, 1999, and the rules promulgated under it. It functions as an information center as well as a facilitator in the country’s brand themes acting as a bulletproof for your brand.
  • An acceptable searching strategy will take into account the nature of the mark, the nature of the goods/services covered by the mark, the timescale for bringing the mark to commerce, and the applicant’s resource allocation.
  • Trademark search saves us money, gives flexibility and time for product and service startups, eliminates the expenses of distraction for businesses, saves litigation money from a disagreement, and provides insights into potential registration concerns. When contemplating trademark searches in advance for all of these goals, you should avoid wasting money and effort. The trademark search is a significant expenditure, and the potential trademark candidate is strongly advised. In our reports, we thoroughly search all registered trademarks in India in each class to which the mark belongs.

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