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Why Copyright Registration?

A writer can spend years on one book, and if someone copies a novel it will lead to a waste of effort & time. Protecting your brand is essential but registering its copyright is more important.
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  • The protection of intellectual property in the form of copyright is similar to that of trademarks and patents. Registration for copyright is carried out in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1957. You can become the legitimate owner of your creative work, such as books, paintings, musical compositions, websites, and the like, by registering your copyright. Registration of the author’s creative work for copyright with the appropriate authority ensures that the work cannot be copied. Without the permission of the original author or creator, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to use the same. The author has the right to charge other people a fee for using his work or making modifications to it. The registration of intellectual property rights protects the rights of the inventor from being infringed upon.
  • Copyright registration serves as prima facie evidence of the work’s ownership in a court of law. Consequently, copyright registration provides legal protection for the author’s work. Registered copyright can be utilized for marketing and instilling a sense of quality and goodwill in the minds of your customers. Copyright registration demonstrates concern for your work.
  • In India, the same protections are accorded to copyrighted works as in many other countries. Similarly, works copyrighted registered in India are protected in a number of foreign countries. Copyright registration demonstrates that you take copyright infringement seriously. This will aid in preventing unauthorized reproduction of the work by providing the owner with a variety of legal recourses.
  • In India, the registration grants the owner the exclusive, individual right to distribute, duplicate, and reproduce the work, or to authorize another entity to do so. It provides a variety of rights, including public communication, reproduction, adaptation, and translation of the work. However, ideas, procedures, operational methods, and mathematical concepts cannot be protected by copyright.

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