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Why Provisional Application?

The Patent Law grants the right to the first applicant, not the inventor. Therefore, Provisional Patent Applications facilitate the acquisition of the crucial filing date for patents.
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  • A Provisional Patent Application is merely a temporary Patent Application that is submitted to the Patent Office. This is suggested by the name of the document. It is strongly recommended that the Provisional Patent Applications be submitted in order to guarantee an early filing/priority date. The reasoning behind this is based on the fact that the Patent Law grants the right to the person who files the application first, rather than the person who invented the product first. Therefore, the use of Provisional Patent Applications is helpful in acquiring the essential patent filing date with minimal effort and inconvenience.
  • People have been unsuccessful throughout history for a variety of reasons, including having their ideas or inventions stolen by others. These kinds of models should make us suspicious of other people, and as a result, we should take the appropriate actions to safeguard our own interests. On the other hand, submitting an application for a provisional patent right away could be an expensive and time-consuming endeavour. Provisional licences are a solution to this problem. Do you not fully understand how they function or why they are so beneficial? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place! Here is a look at some of the reasons why provisional patents are so advantageous to founders and inventors.
  • An application for a provisional patent should be submitted if the invention is still in the ideation stage rather than the completion stage and the inventor (or inventors) are still working on the invention. A provisional application should be submitted as soon as possible in order to ensure the earliest possible priority date and to prevent others from patenting the same idea and gaining a monopoly on it.

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