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Exported products can be sold with an Import Export Code (IEC). Under the IEC Code, there is no need to submit a return. Once an IEC Code has been issued, no further action is required to keep it valid.
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  • The majority of businesses are expanding their services and products to the international market, which involves import and export activities. As international transactions fall under the category of commercial activities, government regulations must also be observed. The Importer-Exporter Code is one such requirement that must be met prior to initiating any online transaction.
  • As time passes, the number of businesses seeking to transcend local market boundaries and enter global markets continues to rise. However, conducting international business is not for everyone. There are certain laws and procedures that must be followed if you are a business owner who wishes to expand your operations into international waters. Importing and exporting necessitates licenses and registration as well.
  • Any business wishing to begin import or export operations in India must obtain an Import Export Code (IEC). The Director General of Foreign Trade issues the Import Export Code, which is a 10-digit code valid for the life of the business. Importers will not be permitted to import goods without an Import Export Code, and exporters will be unable to claim export benefits from the Director General of Foreign Trade without an Import Export Code.

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