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Filing patent applications has become more commonplace in India as a direct result of the increased awareness surrounding intellectual property rights and the Startup India Action Plan.
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  • A patent is an exclusive right granted to the owner or inventor of an invention to manufacture, use, modify, sell, offer for sale, or import newly invented articles or processes after the invention has been subjected to the prescribed criteria of a search for patentability. A patent extends ownership rights for a period of twenty years.
  • The owner of an invention that has been granted a patent has the legal right to prevent others from independently inventing, using, importing, or selling the invention without first obtaining their permission. An exhaustive study is conducted before the granting of such a right in order to determine whether the method or product in question is one of a kind, innovative (in the sense that it had not been anticipated in any previous public document), and pertinent to the industrial sector (possesses utility). It entails searching the database of India’s intellectual property.
  • Authority for an item or innovation that is either identical to the applicant’s work or is comparable to it in some way.

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